Welcome to Seed Creative Network – a dedicated platform for creative talent to launch, interact and (most importantly) showcase themselves.

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Whether you’re a media producer or artist promoting your portfolio, an organisation undertaking recruitment or an individual looking for exciting opportunities up and down the country, Seed Creative Network gives you the opportunity to network, promote, connect and share with a hugely diverse pool of talent.

Our aim is to make promoting your creativity effortlessness for you. After creating a profile and uploading your content we do the hard bits for you. Curated content is delivered around the clock based on the people you follow. Those who follow you get to see your portfolio in return.

The Seed curators also love to disseminate. Anything that grabs our eye will be shared across multiple social media platforms for all to see, reducing the burden of self-promotion and providing additional exposure.

All you’ve got to do is connect with others. Follow and interact nationally, champion your talents and find out about others around you. All of your social media platforms also gather in one place here at Seed Creative Network, allowing you to quickly and easily generate up-to-date content.

How to begin:

Create a Profile

Clicking Register begins your journey into Seed Network’s creative universe. Just add a few details, a stunning photograph and you’re good to go.

Upload Yourself – Show Your Best Side

Want to sell yourself? Do so! Upload your content and show everyone who you are, why you’re interesting and what it is that makes you you.

Seed Creative Network is your own personal bit of the web, where you can promote exactly what it is your brilliant at. Its all about feeds: connect your other social media accounts so they create the content for you

Network and talk

Follow one, follow all – that’s our ethos. Seed Creative Network gives you the opportunity to interact with and follow like-minded, interesting people across the country. Just click the ‘message’ button to begin composing.

Organisations & collectives

A network for creative people, we exist to inform about what’s going on around them – both by like-minded individuals and companies. Yours can benefit from this in a multitude of different ways. Promote events or campaigns, disseminate news or find the right person for the job – you can do all of this right here on Seed Creative Network.

By using Seed Creative Network, organisations and collectives alike can utilise our platform to engage with a huge pool of talent across the country. Whether you want to attract attendees to your networking event or tell everyone about exciting developments that you have, our network is right for you.

To begin, simply create a profile.