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Dormant Press announces Do It Yourself Press

Wed 16th January, 2013 @ 4:03pm by jackrichardson

Dormant Press announces Do It Yourself Press

We know how is: bands want to garner their own success, their own way – playin’ by their own rules, as it were. But as many a band will pledge, writing about your own band as if you were someone outside of the band isn’t an easy task.

This is where Dormant steps in. By giving you a tailor-made Press Release or Press Pack full of the stuff that you need to sell yourself, with online downloads and storage to make things extra easy, our DIY approach gives bands the freedom of personal success, whilst giving them the best footing to begin with.

With experience at the receiving end of the Press Release cycle, Dormant Press can tell you the Do’s & Dont’s of selling yourself to publications, helping you to avoid the pitfalls most bands fall in to when contacting the industry people that have the power to write about, interview, or otherwise raise of the profile of your band.

Yours to share with whoever you want, your tailor-made Press Release or Press Pack can be about a specific release, event, or news update – this will give you a professional, concise approach that will ensure editors at magazines, newspapers,blogs, radio shows, and any other creative outlet will give your band a better look – plus they can be ready in astonishing time!*

Dormant can also help you with other creative pursuits with established local creatives, including merchandise, illustration, branding, recording, and mastering. See About Dormant Press for more information!


SPECIAL INTRODUCTORY OFFER. Dormant is bringing down the prices of its DIY Press Releases and Press Packs for a limited time.

  • Tailor-Made Press Release£70 £55

Including online portal to private press page.

  • Tailor-Made Press Release w/ Band Biography and News Piece- £80 £65

Add to the above by getting a full band biography on the website and news piece sent to every contact in Dormant’sbustling Mailing List to kick-start your chances of success.

  • Full Digital Press Pack£95-130 75-115*ª

By collating music, photos, quotes, and videos alongside your press release, in an easy to download format, the Full Digital Press Pack offers the most concise and useful press package. Making it easier for editors, writers, playlisters, and whoever else to find out everything they need about you or your band with all information in one place, the chances of being featured increase dramatically – people who’s life revolves around finding music want good bands, with good music, at (literally) the touch of a button. Look professional, make it easy, get featured.

  • Band Biography/Blurbage – £30-35

You’ve got an image, you’ve got music, you’ve got a press release, hell, you’ve got everything you need – but you’re missing something; vital yet unassuming, the Band Biography can be the difference between appearing good and appearing awesome! Tailor made to push you or your bands strengths, Dormant’s Biographies are sure to give your band that extra bit of firepower on the way to building recognition and getting featured!


By all means play by your own rules, but let us help you to say the right things first.

See more on Do It yourself Press HERE, or email Or, if that's not enough, call 07545 381770.

*Press releases/packs will be written within 48 hours of all necessary information being recieved.
(*ªDependent on amount of content & space required)



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