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Dormant Press announces (Don't) Do It Yourself Press

Wed 16th January, 2013 @ 4:22pm by jackrichardson

Dormant Press announces (Don't) Do It Yourself Press

Don’t get us wrong. the DIY approach has always been a budding, entertaining, and satisfying one for bands looking to do things in their own way, but not everyone has the time to do everything all of the time.

But taking a (Don’t) Do It Yourself package with Dormant will sort all of this for you. With industry connections, a massive list of local creative connections, a bustling press mailing list, and a knowledge of what people on the other side of the desk are looking for, (Don’t)DIY will look to push the presence of you or your band through a solid press campaign.

It’s hardly a cop out, and actually it’s the standard approach to Press Relations, giving you the freedom to compose, record, play, tour, drink, party, and generally be a band/artist/comedian, etc, without the hassle of having to send out a barrage of emails with the latest updates.

Our campaigns can help you with specific releases, events, gigs, or news updates, or they can cover everything that you do as a band for any duration of time, ensuring editors everywhere know exactly what you or your band are releasing – which leads to them knowing that they need to know who you are.

The choice is entirely yours, and all work can be tailor-made to fit your own needs.

(Don’t)DIY’s key feature is that it includes extended contact with industry professionals at a wide range of publications and businesses to secure reviews, interviews, radio airplay, features, covers, and anything that can give your band the extra push it needs to build its fan base further.

With a bustling list of magazines (both print and online), blogs, radio shows, and general people ‘in the know’, Dormant can push your passion to people who want to listen in the form of clear, concise HTML emails full of all the links and downloads they could possible want. Strong connections with local magazines, such as The Monograph, FD2D, Urban Fox, Mile2, help to ensure a boost in local presence through record and gig reviews, interviews, covers, and features, whilst expanding connections further afield ensure your wider presence also.

With experience at the receiving end of a Press barrage, Dormant know’s what makes a good Press Release good, and a bad Press Release trashable (and perhaps punishable by law…), and we’ll make sure that information about you gets into the inboxes of people that don’t yet know that they want to you know.

So if you’re looking to expand and improve the recognition and presence of your band, get your releases reviewed in a wide range of publications, get interviewed by people with a passion to find the best in new music, and generally become more established whilst continuing to focus on making your art, our (Don’t) Do It Yourself method is the key to it all.

Fore more information on pricing, campaign possibilities, enquiries, or anything about (Don’t)DIY, see this page HERE, email or call 07545 381770.



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