Tips for Online Shopping

Wed 27th February, 2013 @ 11:03am by marydavis

Tips for Online Shopping

The Internet has put so many things at our fingertips and clothes and accessories are no exception! You can find anything you want online and after a few clicks and a few days your desired item is yours. Shopping online doesn’t always turn out as you’d expect; the wrong size, huge shipping costs and badly-made items sometimes take the magic away. Here are some quick tips to avoid online shopping disasters.

1. Know Your Size

There’s nothing worse than finding that your carefully chosen, amazingly special dress doesn’t actually fit properly and sitting there, packaging on the floor, saying obscene things about the retailer. But if we’re honest it would be a bit of a miracle if we all ordered online and found that each item was a perfect fit! Any good retailer will have a size guide and the best are those that include lots of details about the fit and info such as depth sizing. For example, Tradestable's clothing section on the free classifieds page has listed on every item the size, brand, and sometimes even measures, for clothing and accessories.

2. Research The Retail!

With all the online reviews there’s no excuse for not researching who you’re buying from. Consumers are enthusiastic when it comes to giving their opinion so don’t miss out on all that valuable advice. Before you start putting items into virtual shopping baskets, find out what the site reputation is like, then you will be making a well-informed decision and are more likely to get good quality, great-fitting items. Some websites even have search tips which you can check before starting your search.

3. Can You Return It?

Despite all your best efforts, sometimes you open your patently-awaited for package and decide that it’s not quite what you wanted or it’s not the right fit. Check out the retailer’s returns policy and read the small print before making any purchase. If you can’t find this information, contact the site’s customer services and find out! In case unfortunately something went wrong, make sure to report it on the site's Customer Service page.

4. Get On The Mailing List.

You may see this as an invite for a load of junk mail but getting on a retailer’s mailing list is a great way of finding out about online sales, upcoming promotions and seasonal deals. Go to your favourite shop’s website, sign up for the mailing list and keep an eye out for the next online sale.

Now you have some tips to make your shopping online a pleasure rather than a headache! Let's not forget that, above all, shopping must always be fun!


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