J-Con VI Returns

Tue 9th July, 2013 @ 2:44pm by beckywilsongeek

J-Con VI Returns

J-Con VI makes a triumph return to Derby this year in September at The Riverside Center in Pride Park.

J-Con VI

September 20th & 21st 2013

Riverside Center,

Pride Park, Derby

J-Con is Derby's annual Japanese Culture convention. It's a chance for fans of Japanese Culture (such as Anime & Manga), Video Game fans, Trading Card players, Ball-Jointed Doll enthusiasts, Japanese Music & Fashion followers and many other niche groups to meet up and enjoy their interests in a convention setting. Started in 2008, J-Con has grown to indulge around 1000 people every year. Over the two days, there is live music, guests, competitions, workshops, video gaming, fan-led activities and many other themed events. It is a family-friendly convention, where people of all ages are welcome.


Lots of people come dressed up as characters from films, video games and cartoons and even their own designs. Known as 'Cosplay', this hobby can reach truly amazing levels of dedication and craftsmanship, with many cosplays taking hours of labour, materials and money to create. It is cosplay that attracts the majority of attendees (but it's not compulsory!). J-Con returns year after year, with many people having attended all six. It has become a beacon of the East Midlands anime scene and a general hotspot for enthusiasts of all J-Con offers.


FF characters

To get tickets and find out more visit our website:, see you there!


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