What is the Art Auction? Find out here

Mon 27th January, 2014 @ 10:21am by culturalexchanges

What is the Art Auction? Find out here

We’re glad to welcome back the Art Auction to Cultural Exchanges in 2014. We’ve had a long running (and loving) relationship with the folk in Fine Art. Just like us at CeX, 3rd year Fine Art students organise the Art Auction each year. So, with that in common we spoke to one of this years organisers - Jeniffer Kahlo to get the details on the process and plans for the auction…

How did you find yourself organising this year’s Art Auction?

It was put out that we needed a group of people to control the committee. So a group of us went along to a preliminary meeting, had a chat and we all decided we’d like to sign up to the Art Auction Committee. A lot of us are interested in having curatorial roles in the future so this is a really good chance for us to get that experience. Perhaps we’ve bitten off more than we could chew… it’s going to be a challenge but I’m always up for a challenge.

It’s your year to run the Art Auction, what are your aims and vision behind the event?

We want it to be a success. We want it to be something different to what is has been before. That’s why we’re implementing an online blog where you can see all of the art work that is going to auction ahead of the 17th February. We just thought it’s such a great opportunity. We want to create something really fresh and new.

What is inspiring you when picking art works for the auction?

There’s no right or wrong work but we’re trying to build a collection of work that people can walk away with and is suitable for a wall in their house. We’re trying to be sympathetic towards our client base and make sure that the works can be mounted, without costing a fortune, and are of a high standard.

Are there any pieces you have that you’re excited about?

There’s a couple that are relevantly new to the Art collection in the Kimberlin Library. Work from students in our year now that was picked a couple of year ago and has popped back up again. There’s really interesting pieces that use a range of materials and techniques. It’s exciting just looking through all of the art work and having it at your finger tips. I look forward to seeing what they will look like in our new exhibition space in the Campus Centre.

How does the Art Auction benefit Fine Art Students?

The Art Auction is a big thing for us. It helps us raise the funds for the Fine Art end of year degree show. There’s a lot of money to raise and the Art Auction generates an awful lot of that. The work featured helps us create a really good catalogue that showcases the students work. So when these students depart from the university, people can search these artists online via a professional website and discover that they’ve already sold work. It’s quite a big thing to be featured in the catalogue. I’d like to thank the students that donate their work for the auction because they’re not getting paid for it. They’re just putting work towards a really good cause and to help push their careers forwards.

For my final question, why should we attend the Art Auction?

It’s a unique opportunity to buy work at the early stage of an artists’ life. You could be picking up a future stars’ work here. A few years down the line they could be the next big thing, you know it could be the next Damien Hirst’s work in your hands. It’s also an option for people who don’t have thousands of pounds to buy a good piece of art and an opportunity for everybody to get involved and purchase a beautiful piece of work.

The Art Auction is being held in De Montfort University Campus Centre conference rooms 2.01 and 2.02; Monday 17th February. The preview begins at 6:00pm with the auction commencing at 7:00pm. If you’d like to preview the art work ahead of the 17th take a look at their blog spot.


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