1 week to go!

Mon 10th February, 2014 @ 11:35am by culturalexchanges

1 week to go!

This time next week the festival will have begun and we’ll be ready to introduce the likes of Akala, Andy O’Dwyer, Patrick Wildgust, Professor Robert Colls, the girls from Hot!Mess and the Original ink crew to De Montfort University. So with the festival soon to arrive we thought we’d give you some info that will hopefully improve your experience, so:

  • Firstly, tickets! They can still be purchased online 2 hours prior to the event, so if you’ve suddenly realised you’d like to attend one of the events instead of arriving and waiting in the uncertain queue of the ticketless, head to our website and secure your place at the event.
  • Although it’s not necessary, printing out your e-ticket and bringing it with you will be useful. There’s no rest for the wicked on campus so waving it around will instantly tell one of the Cultural Exchanges staff you’re with us and not a student running to hand in an assignment.
  • Unfortunately car parking on campus before 5:00pm is basically non-existent. So if you are driving to the festival we advise you use one of the surrounding public car parks. The good news is, for those attending an event later on in the day, the staff car park behind Kimberlin Library is open to Cultural Exchanges audience members after 5:00pm.
  • If you have an mobility requirements such as needing disabled parking please inform the box office ahead of arriving on campus – 0116 250 6229, that way you can ensure minimum faffing.
  • In all of our venues there will be Cultural Exchanges stewards on hand to help, so please don’t hesitate to ask one of them where a room is, where the toilets are or when the event is going to start.

Overall, we really hope you enjoy your visit to Cultural Exchanges Festival 2014, see you there.


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