There is always a choice… Water Babies at Curve Theatre

Mon 5th May, 2014 @ 12:22pm by maciej

There is always a choice… Water Babies at Curve Theatre

An impressive and highly produced piece of musical theatre, Water Babies, had its world premiere at the Curve Theatre, Leicester.

Teenage boy Tom (Thomas Milner) is forced to leave behind everything that he knows and loves. Due to being framed for a crime he didn’t commit, he had to make a choice. Following advice given by mysterious and powerful Mrs D (Louise Dearman), he abandons his world and jumps into the depths of the ocean. What he finds there is a colorful, enchanting but also dangerous universe of adventures and excitement.

Wanting to get back to the girl he loves, Ellie (Lauren Samuels), Tom faces a lot of challenges in the underwater world that are beyond his wildest dreams. He has to make choices that not only affect him but also other people, including the mysterious group of Water Babies.

Milner is very convincing in the creation of a lost teenage boy, who is at the point of his life where he needs to face adulthood and real life problems. His Tom is full of naivety and innocence, which Milner portrays perfectly.

Louise Dearman creates a strong character of a woman that is influential and powerful. At the same time she is reminiscent of the fairies that everyone knows from childhood fairytales. Her beautiful voice and the way she handles herself onstage only adds to the amazing creation of Mrs D. Dearman was definitely one of the highlights of the spectacle, giving the audience an unforgettable experience.

There are three highly entertaining creations of a lobster, swordfish and seahorse. Characters played respectively by Andy Gray, Tom Davey and Samuel Holmes are great guides of the underwater world for both the main character and the audience.

Set design by Morgan Large convincingly takes people on a journey to the world on the other side of a waterfall. Its vivid colors and dynamic changes create the feeling of suspension and keep the audience on the edges of their seats throughout the whole show. Combined with music written by Chris Egan it creates spectacular experience that is a feast for all the senses.

Director of Water Babies, Ed Curtis, creates a fairytale which is convincing and warms people’s hearts. His visionary presentation of an underwater world leaves everyone gasping and wanting more. It is an amazing piece of musical theatre which cannot be missed this season in Leicester. Water Babies is a great entertainment for a whole family that is not only pleasing for the eyes but also thought provoking.


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