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Let's Face Music

Wed 29th October, 2014 @ 5:43pm by leicstv

Let's Face Music is bringing Leicestershire to life through the most exciting local web TV platform in the UK. Now its about to launch its next BIG initiative. We’re calling upon all bands, artists, songwriters, music video producers, venues, studios and music stores within Leicestershire. Whatever genre or category of music you’re into… LET’S FACE THE MUSIC!


As long as the videos cover current bands, recent performances and existing services and venues WE WANT THEM! is set to become THE place to discover and enjoy THE BIGGEST ever pool of local music video content!

This is the place to get DISCOVERED, SHARED AND SUPPORTED.

The most watched videos within each music category will get the highest exposure on the site- grabbing the attention of local and national music media and promoters. So whatever your place in the local music scene, you’ll be able to get your video seen and make all the right contacts in a way you can’t do on YouTube or Vimeo.

The best providers of content will be given their own dedicated channels on to add new content in the future. All content MUST be sent along with a form confirming that you have the rights to publicly show the videos. You can also send us information about yourselves that we can publish along with links to take viewers to your own websites.

EACH VIDEO SHOULD BE NO LONGER THAN 4 MINUTES. TO MAKE AN IMPACT, BANDS SHOULD SELECT THEIR BEST CONTENT RATHER THAN SENDING EVERYTHING! want to present the very best of the Leicestershire music scene. So what are you waiting for? Contact us on: for information on how to upload your content along with the support information we require.

Terms and conditions: Videos should be no longer than 4 minutes with content that would be generally acceptable for viewing on most TV channels. No content must infringe anybody else’s copyright, legal ownership, intellectual property or misrepresent or unlawfully defame anybody.


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