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The UK’s brightest young filmmakers set to light-up Leicester this November

Tue 28th October, 2014 @ 1:21pm by ukyoungartists

The UK’s brightest young filmmakers set to light-up Leicester this November

The UK Young Artists Leicester Festival 2014, taking place between Friday 7 and Sunday 9 November, will feature work from 70 artists from across the UK. The festival’s rich and varied programme spans applied arts, literature, music, performance and visual art and will include a number of moving image screenings.

The artists, all aged between 18 and 30 and selected from a national call for entries, will be in Leicester for the duration of the festival to help foster collaborative approaches to their practice and to take part in a range of masterclasses that are also open to the public. The festival programme is free to attend with the moving image screenings taking place at Embrace Arts, Two Queens, the PACE Building at De Montfort University and the Silver Arcade in Leicester’s city centre.

The moving image programme includes films about consumerism, a three-screen installation about memory, a critique about modern TV advertising, a stop motion animation about an obsession, a film of a hybrid between performance, installation and kinetic sculpture and a work exploring identity, migration, narrative and fantasy.

Moving Image programme:

The films will screen on a loop during the times outlined below at venues across the city.

Aleks Cicha - bioFlaneur

Aleks’ work derives from recent biotechnological development and in-depth research. It superimposes these facts onto society and culture of consumerism in order to challenge, provoke and speculate on the effects of this specific scientific research on our everyday life, social interaction and social behaviour. It often uses question " What if…?" as well as form of the absurd and exaggeration to create in the audience’s imagination, new, sci-fi relationships between the city and human beings, mediated by uncovered, through fictional technological devices, personal bio-data and stored on-line, personal information. As a media artist Aleks explores the aforementioned stories through product design, film and photography in order to create fictional but possible scenarios.

Embrace Arts

Friday 7 November from 9.15am to 6pm

Saturday 8 and Sunday 9 November from 10am to 6pm

Caitlin Webb-Ellis - Mother, I am Going

A new three-screen film installation, filmed in an abandoned village in southern Bulgaria and on the North East coast of England. The film weaves together documentary, performance and archive footage to explore memory’s relationship to the photographic image, and the discontinuity of history. Memories return in the form of images. ‘Moments of history are plucked out of the flow of history, then returned to it – no longer quite alive but not yet entirely dead’. Lucidity appears only in brief moments and no final truth is ever revealed.

PACE Building at De Montfort University

Friday 7 November from 2pm to 5pm

Saturday 8 November from 10am to 12.30pm and 2pm to 5pm

Sunday 9 November from 12pm to 3pm

Maria Abbott - Stay Tuned…

"… and we'll be back after a short commercial break, so stay tuned."

Stay tuned sets out to critique modern TV commercials that manipulate female insecurities and enforce the Western World’s unobtainable vision of beauty, in an attempt to sell products to women. Stay Tuned comprises of four, fake commercials that advertise a beauty product, custom made by the artist, which promises to enhance a woman’s life. The bizarre products being promoted include a sinister spin on the modern corset to control the waist, and a drink holding belt which is used to attract male interest in social situations. The restricting objects are shown using the hypnotic editing style of mainstream commercials with their close up perfection, repeated statements and glistening potential. This has an ominous and thought-provoking effect on the viewer.

Two Queens

Friday 7, Saturday 8 and Sunday 9 November from 10am to 6.30pm

Sandra Fruebing - The Individual’s Pursuit

The creation of a narrative based on a character whose quest is to inhabit an in-between space as an exploration of what is beyond the obvious. To walk along the edge of water and earth, where both elements meet, is becoming a strong desire. Specially designed apparatus and physical training exercises will be employed in an attempt to fulfil the dream. The story of the individual’s pursuit challenges common sense and discusses the idea of the in-between space and borders. This rather odd quest looks at the relationship between the individual belief and society as well as the longing for a creation of a personal space where one is almost attempting to disconnect oneself from reality and therefore add another layer to normality/reality.

Silver Arcade

Friday 7 and Saturday 8 November from 9am to 6.30pm

Sunday 9 November from 10.30am to 4pm

Annlin Chao – Phantom on the Cliff

A stop-motion animation about an obsession between a rock climber and the mountains. However, the obsession becomes hatred after an accident. Phantom on the Cliff is inspired by ‘phantom limb’, the neurological phenomenon that people still sense the existence of their limbs after amputation. For the main Character, Ben, he senses the missing limb but in an unusual way; there are rocks and plants growing on the arm. During the night, he has dreams/illusion, in which the mountains are glowing, like calling him back. In the end, he decides to go back to the mountains, facing his past and pain. One shall move on and survive only if he is willing to trace the source from where the nightmares are.

Two Queens

Friday 7, Saturday 8 and Sunday 9 November from 10am to 6.30pm

Chun-yu Liu – Sumatra

Sumatra is a video about my father's early experience in Indonesia before he moved to Taiwan. The work adopts the narrative structure of Lewis Carroll's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and tells a, though seemingly fictional, factual story of my father about rural Sumatra, the violence against the Chinese Indonesian, the subsequent diaspora and lost identity. The video's output comprises both archival still images from the Internet and film scenes from In the Mood for Love and A City of Sadness and the famous Indonesian song Bengawan Solo.

Two Queens

Friday 7, Saturday 8 and Sunday 9 November from 10am to 6.30pm

Karolina Bielskyte – The Contraption

Inspired by the Myth of Sisyphus by Albert Camus, this is a composition in the form of a hybrid between performance, installation and kinetic sculpture. The simple arrangement of motifs along with sound, light and shadow play, create many shapes and stories that charge the room with energy and transform it into an immersive show. It is more like a visual composition of different elements, variable movement, and relationship of the body and environment. The machine, technology, organisation and precision meet the vague worlds of shadows, dreams and chaos, creating the infinite evolutionary image. All the objects, sound, light, and image melt together with the performer. She becomes a perfect machinist, an inventor of her own contraption. When the cosmic circle of birth, death and rebirth is reached, little figures emerge, rising, falling and turning into a boulder as they struggle through their life journey. “…the struggle itself toward the heights is enough to fill a man’s heart”. The shadows from an endlessly spinning zoetrope like device fill the room. “Each atom of the stone, each mineral flake of the night-filled mountain, in itself forms a world.”

Two Queens

Friday 7, Saturday 8 and Sunday 9 November from 10am to 6.30pm

The rest of Leicester Festival’s diverse programme spans classical music to sonic landscapes performed in darkness, an anarchic theatrical take on a classic piece of literature, storytelling with movement and sound design, seven artists from different backgrounds performing on one stage and exhibitions of intricate illustrations, oil paintings, large scale photography, site-specific work and digital mash-ups.

All events, talks, workshops, masterclasses, performances and exhibitions are open to the public and free to attend. The full programme, venue details and ticket links for the performance events are all available via the UK Young Artists website:


Stills from the artist’s work are available. Please contact Sally Hodgson, Marketing and Communications via or on 0116 201 3870.


UK Young Artists is an organisation working nationally and internationally to showcase young, creative practitioners between the ages of 18-30 whose work spans all art forms; from visual arts to music, performance to literature. The organisation prides itself on providing vital opportunities for networking and exchange, intercultural dialogue, peer to peer interaction, artistic development and contemporary art events bringing quality artwork from young people to a wider audience. By supporting artists at this stage in their career, UKYA is able to enhance the level and quality of artistic activity taking place in the UK. By ensuring a richer cultural landscape, this will improve the public offer from galleries and arts venues as well as promoting a greater appreciation and better understanding of the arts.

UK Young Artists was founded by De Montfort University, Nottingham Trent University, Derby University, Loughborough University and Arts Council England.



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