Want something different and affordable?

Tue 20th January, 2015 @ 9:39am by klic

Want something different and affordable?

You want entertainment. You want food. You want drink. You want somewhere warm to go. You want to hang out with friends. You DON'T want it to cost a fortune. Sundays at the Y are back to bring you live performances, creative sessions, and food and drink, all for the princely sum decide. Yup. You Pay What You Decide.

What are Sundays for? Ok, apart from catching up on chores, fulfilling familial obligations, reading the depressing news, sleeping, watching sports, and taking a personality quiz on Facebook that reveals you really should have been an Alpaca farmer.

Clearly they're for spending some quality time with friends, enjoying good company and good entertainment, and taking advantage of a selection of free workshops and activities. That's what.

And you know what? That's what we're here for, once a month, at The Y on East St, opposite the train station.

This is a PAY WHAT YOU DECIDE EVENT. We give you an envelope, and at the end you put in what you thought the show was worth. At each event we'll have a main act for you at 5pm.

On Sunday 25th January we have a music and performance session going on in the bar area from 3pm. The ukuleles will be out so come along to learn or join in or simply listen. We'll have a selection of drinks and food laid out so help yourself. If you'd like to donate some food yourself or leave a few pennies in the cup, please do, but it's not expected.

Then at 5pm we're delighted to be welcoming Marbleglass Theatre from Northampton with their show "Sell-By-Date".

We're pretty excited and hopefully this description will tell you why:

"Death. It’s a funny thing … Peter, Beth, Oliver and James find themselves on their own winding paths in a world of uncertainty, the very fabric of their existence has been upturned and all the paths lead to one place. Six feet underground. The only difference is, how long is each of their paths?

This blindingly honest black comedy will help you find your feet on your own path. Sell-By-Date engages the audience by throwing them around the room emotionally, punching them in the face with moments of outrageous hilarity and then fracturing their hearts into a world of emotional reflection. Sell-By-Date illustrates not only the morality of ones own life, but also the people, choices and difficulties that lay the foundations to the long road we all must walk."

Sounds good, right? Ace. We'll see you on Sunday.


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