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Cultural Quarter Association Launch

Thu 9th April, 2015 @ 2:50pm by culturalquarterassociation

Cultural Quarter Association Launch

Cultural Quarter Association Launch Party, LCB Depot, Friday 24th April 3-6pm, Saturday 25th April 12-4pm

The Cultural Quarter Business Association is re-launching as the Cultural Quarter Association. It’s objective, through close working with local businesses and residents, is to enable the Cultural Quarter of Leicester to reach it’s full potential.

The association is made up of trustees representing: Curve, Phoenix Square, LCB Depot, Athena, Shakespeare, Manic Music, Seed Creativity and Spring to Action.

This fresh phase of promotion starts with the release of the Cultural Quarter App or ‘CQ App’. The app will highlight the hidden gems of the area and give everyone the opportunity to explore and enjoy the entire Cultural Quarter.

To celebrate the relaunch of the Cultural Quarter Association and the release of the ‘CQ App’, there will be an open event at LCB Depot on Friday 24th April 3-6pm for local business and on Saturday 25th April 12-4pm for the public and residents.

The launch will be a great opportunity to find out what the Cultural Quarter of Leicester has to offer and also to find out more about the Cultural Quarter Association. The event will be a fantastic, family friendly, vibrant festival, open to all and free of charge.

To keep up to date with the very latest updates of what is happening in the Cultural Quarter please follow #thisweekintheCQ on Twitter.


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