How to be a First-Choice Freelancer and Stand out from the Rest

Thu 19th May, 2016 @ 12:26pm by bidorhire

How to be a First-Choice Freelancer and Stand out from the Rest

Whether you are a new or experienced freelancer, your primary target is to be the first choice of employers. For your information, you have countless competitors who are also eyeing to be hired. And don't forget, they also doing their best to attract clients. Therefore, you should do everything stand out from the rest. If you have been rejected a lot of times, it's time for you do some self-checking. Below are some tips on how to be a first-choice freelancer.

Create a very interesting online profile

If you still have no personal website where the public can know more about your skills, you are missing a lot of opportunities. But of course, your website should reflect your skills. If you are a hire-for-hire, your blog posts should have less grammar and spelling mistakes. If you are a web developer or web designers, your website should look stunning. If you are a member of a freelancer online marketplace, make sure your details are every interesting.

Market yourself like a boss

Be proud of your skills, and show or provide the best samples you have. Be unique in presenting yourself, and don't just copy from your competitors. Be confident when talking to your potential clients, and use words that they can relate to. However, be honest on what you know, and don't pretend you know everything. Learn to say”I don't know” in a positive way. Don't claim to be the best, and instead prove to them that you are the right person for the job.

Be ready for tests and challenges

In most cases, employers want to interview freelancer applicants via chat or email before they hire them. If possible, practice talking and listen to yourself. In addition, prepare yourself for the tests and possible questions. Take note of the earlier situations where you got rejected, and learn from your mistakes. If possible, ask tips from fellow freelancers or search for articles about freelancer mistakes and how to avoid them. Remember, first impressions last.

Maintain a competitive service fee

If you are new freelancer, your service fee may not be as high as that of an experienced freelancer, and that's given. However, you don't have to make it unreasonably low. Otherwise, you will be also destroying your reputation. Likewise, don't ask for a super high price just because you have been in the industry for several years. Instead, offer a competitive price and show that you are worth paying for. Remember, you are not the only freelancer available.

As a bonus tip, choose the right online marketplace. Some of them may not be treating freelancers equally, and may be taking advantage of new freelancers. If you have been a member of these sites and you feel that you are not getting clients no matter what you do, it's time to look for another one.

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