Canteen May - UK's Best Street Food

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Canteen May - UK's Best Street Food

After yet another sell out event in April, Canteen are now back for their May event - which occurs over two days! A stunning line up on Friday as usual followed by a daytime event on Saturday in collaboration with Bring The Paint.

UK's Best Street Food, DJ's, Entertainment, Cocktails, Beers, Real Ale & FREE ENTRY!

Friday: 5pm -10pm

  • Flying Cows,
  • The Gravy Train,
  • Wallace and Sons,
  • Smoqued,
  • Grays,
  • Bitsy's Emporium

Saturday: 12pm - 6pm

  • Big Daddies Diner
  • Smoqued
  • Grays,
  • Bitsy's Emporium

Flying Cows (FRIDAY)

Well what can we say about the wonderful Flying Cows? They do burgers... really well. Head man Dan Batchelor is a professional chef by trade and has worked in some of the best restaurants in Birmingham & London.
All their burgers are made using dry aged beef from his family’s own farm of pedigree grass-fed Dexter Cattle. Direct from Birmingham. Behold the Flying Cows!

The Gravy Train (FRIDAY)

Tom and his twin Brother Ben started out in Sheffield just over a year ago. Since then they have gained great acclaim with their wonderful Poutine. Poutine is an indulgent and delicious French-Canadian dish consisting of rustic, skin-on Fries, ‘squeaky’ Cheese Curds and a killer Beef or Mushroom Gravy to melt it all down and make it all gooey.
Then theres the toppings - Shredded BBQ Chicken, Mapled Bacon, Crispy Onions, Roasted Peppers, Choppy Cajun Slaw, Sauteed Mushrooms and more. We welcome The Gravy Train Twins to Canteen. Get it whilst it's hot!

Wallace & Sons (FRIDAY)

There was such an uproar that so many of you didn’t get to try Wallace & Sons last month that we have brought them back... and they are bringing some Canteen exclusives! Hailing from Manchester, this family run outfit have been knocking out Pan Asian treats and causing a stir for the last two years all over the north of the UK. They specialise in handmade Bao (steamed buns). They make the buns themselves and serve them filled with a variety of slow cooked and sous vide meats. As well as catering for the meatheads they also have excellent Vegan options too.


Hailing from Leicestershire, this outfit are excellent purveyors of South American inspired street food & BBQ, with a twist. They serve fresh and tasty dishes straight from their 1973 Citroen H Van. As a family run business they take great care in sourcing as many local ingredients as possible to produce food that we all love to eat. They were at our launch event in February and went down a treat! We welcome them back with open arms.

Big Daddies Diner (SATURDAY)

The last time they were at Canteen they were so popular they sold out in a record 3 hours! One of the Midlands original street food traders, this local family-run outfit hails from Lutterworth and provides the very best in Gourmet Hot Dogs. Owner Jeff has been creating American diner-style masterpieces for the past 5 years and everything they serve is sourced locally and made fresh, even down to the relishes.
These are the real thing – big locally produced sausages in brioche buns with toppings such as Brisket Chilli and Mac n Cheese! Watch out for the Canteen exclusives!


Based in the LCB depot; Grahame and the team have been bringing fresh seasonal food to Leicester since 2013. Canteen gives Grays the chance to do extra special dishes that normally wouldn’t feature on their usual menus, perfectly complementing the other traders. We look forward to seeing what they come up with for May.

Bitsy’s Emporium (FRIDAY & SATURDAY)

Bitsy's Emporium is a huge name on the Leicester cake scene. A baker to stars, she's made cakes for the likes of McFly, Example, Bon Iver and, just a few weeks ago, even Ed Sheeran.
From rainbow cupcakes, to obscenely tasty layer cakes, Bitsy will keel that sweet tooth of yours satisfied. Vegan and gluten free options will also be available.

The menu's available here



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