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Military History Live 2017

Thu 22nd June, 2017 @ 2:15pm by documentarymediacentre

Military History Live 2017

Leicester’s 3rd ‘Military History Live’ event on Saturday 24th June 10am-4pm at Adult Education (Belvoir Street) is an opportunity to explore the conflicts from the past that shape our world today. Covering the last 500 years, ‘Military History Live 2017’ provides an opportunity to discover Leicester’s involvement in these conflicts, the part played by its soldiers and those left behind on the home front.

There are exhibitors covering many conflicts and the opportunity for ‘cafe conversations’ about life on the frontline, the home front for those waiting for news, internment, conscientious objectors, prisoners of war, those shot at dawn for desertion or cowardice in the First World War and PTSD and many more.


A full programme includes illustrated talks especially of interest to those studying these subjects. This makes the event worth attending for those with an existing interest in military history and those looking to discover more about their own families involvement.

11.00am Robert Hope (CAFE CONVERSATION)

Concentrating mainly on the 1879 Zulu War, Robert will explain the uniform, arms and accoutrements of an infantryman of the British Army circa 1879.

12.00pm ‘Conflicts in Africa’ (CAFE CONVERSATION)

Peter McAleese, former British paratrooper, SAS Regiment soldier, South African Sergeant-Major, Rhodesian SAS soldier, mercenary/contract-soldier and author will discuss post WW2 conflicts in Africa with Professor Paul Jackson (University of Birmingham) Political Economist working predominantly on conflict and post-conflict reconstruction.

12.30pm Nigel Atter (DIGITAL MEDIA HUB – 1st Floor)

The 8th Lincolns at the Battle of Loos – the study of a raw Kitchener unit under fire for the first time.

1.00pm Andrew Bamford (CAFE CONVERSATION)

Andrew (Series & Commissioning Editor, Helion & Co. ‘From Reason to Revolution 1721-1815’) will discuss an era in which fortress-based strategy and linear battles gave way to the nation-in-arms and the beginnings of total war. It saw the evolution and growth of light troops of all arms, and of increasingly flexible command systems to cope with the growing armies fielded by nations able to mobilise far greater proportions of their manpower than ever before.

1.30pm Record Office for Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland – Dramatization of a Field General Court Martial (Basement Classroom E1)

2.00pm ‘Anglo-Sikh Wars’ (CAFE CONVERSATION)

Join Gurinder Singh Mann (Director of the Sikh Museum Initiative) and Christopher Brice (Series & Commissioning Editor, Helion & Co. ‘Warfare in the Victorian Age’) for a discussion on the Anglo-Sikh Wars.

3.00pm David Humberstone (DIGITAL MEDIA HUB – 1st Floor)

Passchendaele; A Political Perspective and a Vignette of Valour – a brief investigation of the wider political issues that caused the Battle to be fought and an illustration of the heroism displayed by those on the battlefield itself.

You can bring your family mementoes along to let our experts tell you more about them and be guided through the archives available online to aid your own research.


The Adult Education building on Belvoir Street is our host venue again and with the continued sponsorship of Helion & Co Publishers the whole event is free to attend.

This is a great opportunity to discuss military campaigns with re-enactors who are enthusiastic hobbyists and willing to share their knowledge of those involved both on the frontline and at home.

There will be a special exhibition to mark the life of Leicester born War Correspondent, Clare Hollingworth who died in Hong Kong on 10th January 2017 aged 105.

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