Artisound, how it began.

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Artisound, how it began.

Unless you are you are lucky enough to have the budget to commission a composer and draft in an orchestra or pay through the roof for rights to use a famous pop song, the more realistic solution to sourcing music is to turn to a royalty free music library. This is a fast method of sourcing high quality (if you have come to the right provider) music for your video projects.

Common problem

At least these were the findings of 27-year-old Yannick Ireland, a former DJ and graduate in Contemporary Music Production, who has recently launched Artisound (, an online, royalty free music library with a difference. While he came to the project from a music writer's point of view, Ireland quickly learned that the priorities for filmmakers were quality, ease of use and simple pricing for licenses. He developed Artisound accordingly. "Artisound has one direct aim: to deliver high quality music quickly and with ease and no additional distractions or advertising" he says. "We offer our customers not only the light, easy format of .mp3 but also the high quality uncompressed format of .wav on every single track. Very few other companies offer this level of quality. Our prices are competitive for the quality, you may find cheaper licenses, but the music is often of poor composition and quality. I make sure we only accept music that meets a very high standard."

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Attention to detail

"An important attribute to Artisound is its presentation and functionality. The simple, attractive layout makes it easy to browse and listen to music and the process of purchasing your choice of music is very simple. Once you have found your track of choice, simple click on one of the 3 simple purchasing choices and immediately go to complete transaction to then be directed to your track download page, where you choose your format of download while also having the option to download your track licence in PDF format. All these documents will remain available in your downloads page, accessible via a secure login."

Unique function

"There are other elements of the website that make browsing music a lot easier too, such as a 'What's Hot' series on the Newsroom page and other suggestion boxes on the homepage like 'Top Picks'. And, we have a unique feature called 'Send me music', which allows both Artisound account holders and non-account holders to request music to be sent to them, rather than having them searching through the library themselves."

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For anyone who finds themselves up against a deadline with the editing and still needs to source the music, this function could be a major benefit. All you have to do is click on the 'Send me music' tab and write a short description of the job you are working on and the kind of music you require (genre / vibe / mood and for what imagery), plus your name and email if you are not an account holder. Artisound will do the legwork for you. You will receive and email with links to a selection of tracks that meet your description, leaving you to make your selection from a targeted shortlist, rather than having to search the catalogue yourself.

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A guarantee of quality

Ireland states that Artisound accepts only music that meets a very high standard, but who is the arbiter of quality and what are their credentials? The answer is Ireland himself. With Artisound he is putting his own musical studies, he began with an evening course on the digital audio workstation Ableton Live and, with that under his belt, alongside his previous music experience, went on to further study completing a Higher Diploma and finally his Music Production BA (First class honours).
All courses were completed at the Academy of Contemporary Music.

The big idea

In the latter stages of his studies, Ireland had begun to learn about music licensing and the sync industry. "A couple of my ACM mentors had worked with this part of the music business and i had also sold some music myself for sync so i was learning about this additional means for artists to generate revenue. This got me thinking: this did not seem to involve the constant uphill struggle and constant rejection that artists often have to endure. My mind was made up: I wanted to create my own royalty free music company. There were a few key elements i needed to get my head around as a young person starting a business, but i had great academic and emotional support around me."
Implementing his vision and ideas to developers and all parties involved took a long 3 years, but the process had begun.

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Ethical approach

Getting artists to join the Artisound project was very easy and many were interested. A factor that would not have been lost on those artists who rushed to sign up to Artisound is the artist's fee: Ireland took the decision early on to pay composers 50% of the licence fee - a generous deal by comparison to the industry norm. So what was the reason for his decision? "When it comes to the music industry, it can be very hard for incredibly talented individuals to earn money from their work. Since the digital revolution has made it easier for more and more people to produce music, getting truly world class music to generate revenue, or even get heard, can seem impossible. Having your work accepted into a royalty free music library is an opportunity for artists, but that doesn't mean the artist should be sold short. It is not uncommon for the artist to only receive approximately 20% of a licence fee. My philosophy is for them to be rewarded properly for the music they have written. Although we do all the work for the artist in presenting, hosting and sourcing their music and so on, it is their creative talent that has produced the music in the first place and i feel a fair payment for that is 50%. In addition to that, Artisound is not a huge corporation and we like to keep a close, intimate rapport with our artists. Paying them a percentage that is more generous than the competition helps to start that rapport and we like to develop the relationship from there."

Bigger things

Ireland is interested on expanding Artisound as a brand and service one day, but for now is devoted to delivering a high quality and simple service to video editors and filmmakers and having the ethical philosophy of rewarding his artists fairly.

Artisound has humble beginnings and will maintain an intimate relationship with both customers and artists.


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