New Horizons In Gaming

Tue 5th September, 2017 @ 4:04pm by seedcreativenetwork

New Horizons In Gaming

Join us for a salon discussing the future of gaming, featuring gaming experts from industry and academia. What new gaming technologies can we expect? What new forms of interaction and community are emerging from gaming? And how can we make gaming more inclusive? Explore the opportunities and challenges facing gamers and the industry, and stay for an arcade after party!

Speakers include Alison Harvey (University of Leicester), Kish Hirani, BAME in Games, website and global leading eSports company ESL UK.

More about the event here

Following presentations and discussion from our speakers, we'll be holding a pop-up arcade after party (8.30-9.30pm), so bring your laptops and devices to play some of the most interesting and unusual games available for free online!

For more information please contact Dr Paula Serafini at

This is a free event and all are welcome.

LCB Depot,
31 Rutland Street,
LE1 1RE,
United Kingdom



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