Photography Workshops for Beginners

Tue 19th September, 2017 @ 12:39pm by seedcreativenetwork

Photography Workshops for Beginners

Leicester based photographer Dean Leivers is now offering a series of photography workshops for beginners and for those looking to develop existing skills. Some free sessions are scheduled and gift vouchers are available. For more information Dean's website or email:

Workshops include:

Beginners DSLR

Move into manual mode and really get to grips with using your DSLR! This workshop aims to get you to understand the basics of using a DSLR camera from looking at composition to covering Aperture, Shutter Speed and ISO controls and how you can use these together to create more professional looking images. Resources will be made available for you to use and take away on the day.

Introduction to Studio Lighting

Learn basic lighting set ups using studio flash equipment and a variety of light modifiers to create professional portraits and a creative still life image. Want to create a mobile studio on a budget? Part of the workshop will look at ways that you can utilise Speedlite flash heads and editing software to create a range of portrait lighting effects.


Discover how to mix light sensitive chemicals to make your own photographic paper and create artistic images in striking blue. Price includes all materials required on the day.

Introduction to Sports Photography

Understand the best set up for your camera in order to capture the action at a live sporting event. Included on the day will be a guided editing session to enable you to select your strongest images and get them ready to be published online and in print. A real chance to put your work in front of a wide audience!

#Social Edit

Have a niggling Photoshop question? Want to learn some basic editing techniques? Are you a freelance photographer looking to network? Grab a coffee and relax with your laptop whilst ridding yourself of your editing woes!

For dates and times, visit his site



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