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Cinematographer | Leicester, Leicester, UK


BeardVisionMedia is a progressive Media Company that started out as "LadderGoat Productions" looking for local artists, talent, organisers and independent companies from all backgrounds, located in every hidden corner of the British Isles. We believe that everyone deserves a voice, and it is not cheap to advertise, market or promote your creative vision. We also understand it's sometimes not easy to get your mind onto paper so that's where we step in. We are new to this world but we are innovative and we have contacts with blood that ranges from old to young, experienced and passionate. So if you let us, we will advertise you for free, guide you for free and as a favour for your loyalty, create your first vision for near to nothing. We want to give you, teach you and assemble the first stepping stone by promoting and spreading the word of your skills to the world. Whether it is a corporate video, works of sculptured art or the sound of a beautiful voice, it is personal and represents something original. So why shouldn't it be shared?   

We specialise in:

  • Promotional Video and Photography
  • Marketing
  • Photography
  • Advertisement
  • Website Design
  • Creative Writing
  • Publishing

We also work closely with an award winning company that creates Music Videos that we recommend you check out if you have the stomach for it. You can find them at: 

If you are a graduate or an undergraduate who wants to improve their skills, build a portfolio or improve their C.V with the opportunity of making some extra cash on the side then by all means get in touch. BeardVision was set up specifically for you to get involved, we let you be creative and spread your own vision without the confinements of grades, rules or ancient men in suits stuck in their old ways. You are the future after all.

Message from the Founder:

Hey guys my name is Daryl Veal I graduated from Sheffield Hallam University in Film and Media Production last year after 5 years. Whilst studying I worked on music video shoots, in festivals, media events and created three short films. I began to write a short novel, I blog from time to time with poetry on tumblr and I'm also writing a comedy web series. I love movies, I love bacon, I love alcohol and I want to represent the best local media company in the region in the next 3 years. I also want your help, to hear your story and to hopefully conquer this dream together.   

A website is currently under construction and funding has been applied for to get our hands on some pretty cool video making equipment. I'm hoping in our spare time we could make some movies, little shorts and even a web series.  

Much Love

Daryl Veal

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