What Inspires You to Success?

Thu 26th July, 2012 @ 1:55pm by zero2illo

You know that feeling when you’re in the flow, feeling inspired and everything feels like it’s going right with your work and career? It feels amazing doesn’t it?

But what happens when those demons start poking around in your head and that self doubt creeps in, plans start to crumble and you feel like your career is going nowhere?

This boom and bust mindset is something I’ve become very familiar since deciding to pursue my illustration career! Here are a few ideas that I use to get back on track and in the flow…

Celebrate (and File) Every Success. However Small.

Every time you get a positive comment about your work – on Twitter, emails from publishers and art directors saying they like your work (even if they don’t have a project for you right now), your first little spot Illustration in the local paper – file it. Create an email folder (mine’s called “Praise”) or a box file and put every good bit of praise and feedback in there, that comes your way.

They are all successes to celebrate and having them to hand, to remind yourself of them when you’re feeling low is a great motivator to get you back on track.

Write Your Own Future

I have a little notebook in which I write my weekly to do lists to keep me on track with various projects and in the back of that book I wrote a little note to myself titled ’2012 was the year that…’.

I have written a brief overview of how I want my year to go – as if it’s already happened – and I start and end every day by reading it to my self. Not just reading it but really feeling it and believing it as if it is already true. Write your story and read it to yourself every day.

Create An Inspiring Playlist

Choose your favourite, most inspiring songs or music and create a playlist. It could be the lyrics or just the music itself that lifts you but listen to it and feel it.

Just lately this has been the biggest source of inspiration to me and really helps put me in the success mindset and get my aspirational fires burning.

I have some very cheesy songs on here but they work for me and always put me in the right frame of mind:

These are just a few techniques I’ve found which help inspire me along the road to Illustration success. The key is to do whatever inspires you, do it and do it often.

Do you have some ideas to throw in to the mix? Share your Inspiration tips and music playlists in the comments.



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