“Reportage by Getty Images covers a huge diversity of...

Thu 30th August, 2012 @ 11:52am by format

Reportage by Getty Images covers a huge diversity of topics in the news: from famine and conflict to documenting the quirkier side of life. Two Getty photographers Peter Dench and Tom Stoddart will be in conversation with Getty’s Vice President of Assignment Aidan Sullivan about their distinctive projects and their experience of photographing diverse subjects.

Peter Dench, a previous FORMAT artist, joined Reportage by Getty Images this year and is about to publish his first book, England Uncensored which was crowd funded through His work takes a humorous look at the state of the nation.Dench has won a World Press Photo Award in the People in the News category and an exhibition of England Uncensored was displayed at Visa pour l’Image in 2011.

Seasoned photojournalistTom Stoddart has covered the fall of the Berlin wall, the wars in Lebanon, Bosnia and Iraq as well as famine in Sudan. He works closely with Getty Images to produce photo-essays on significant world events.Stoddart has recently returned from Southern Sudan and will be showing work from this trip and other work he has produced in conjunction with the ICRC campaign, Healthcare in Danger.”



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