Join Us To Work Through A 9 Step Strategy For Illustration Success

Wed 28th November, 2012 @ 12:46pm by zero2illo

One of our most popular e-guides is the zero2illo Business Guide, but we’re often asked if we would be able to offer any extra support working through the 9 tasks in the guide or if there is a group environment available for learning.

So, starting on Monday 3rd December in the zero2illo Confidential private Facebook Group, Lea and I will be supporting members through 1 task per week from the guide covering the following:

  • WEEK 1: Figuring Out What You ‘Really’ Want To Illustrate
  • WEEK 2: Creating Your One Page Business Plan
  • WEEK 3: Formulating Your Marketing Strategy
  • WEEK 4: Creating Your Personal Brand
  • WEEK 5: Building Your Portfolio Website
  • WEEK 6: Using Social Media
  • WEEK 7: Creating Your Promotional Mailer
  • WEEK 8: Getting Work
  • WEEK 9: Running A Professional Business

If you’d like to join us and start 2013 with a solid plan for Illustration success, subscribe to the zero2illo Confidential private Facebook Group (£14.95 per month) before 3rd December.

Alongside all of the regular benefits of the group and support working through the 9 tasks, you’ll also get a complimentary copy of the zero2illo Business E-guide when you join.



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