Thu 31st January, 2013 @ 10:16am by beardvisonmedia

How could I have imagined a life so destined towards a winding road?
Side lamps flutter with butterflies gliding on the air of sweet scent,
Her hair tangled amongst my hands as the sunlight slowly erodes,
The bedsheets of winters last breath, letting in golden rays of wonderment.
A gust of lust that breathes along my naked skin causes creases,
That dart toward the corners of my face bearing white pearls,
I’m fixated on beauty found in pools of round windows which releases,
An urgency to bring my hands on an Angels face, fingers in curls,
Like a devil inside of her she pretends to be a daring charlatan,
I seek the truth that she masked with a loveable giggle. So I whisper;
“Following bends and curves of this gracious journey, there is no plan,
An adventure lies ahead” and I can’t wait to see it through with her.

- The Real Veal

*I dedicate this to someone I fell in love with.



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