Extract From A Love Story

Sun 6th January, 2013 @ 2:36am by beardvisonmedia

Callum: Looking now towards the east as the sun rises amongst those golden trees over there, I have to sometimes stop and think ya know. I remember the fact she was so beautiful she could take my gaze away from the beginning of a day. And you should have heard her voice, more beautiful than the sound of waking birds. You knew before you got to work no matter how hard, how fucked up that day could get you would end up sleeping happy. No fear, no dread, just peace. Gentle like the morning sun. You feel that warmth against your face? That's who she was and I thank fate everyday that I got to witness her rise but it makes me feel sick.

James: Why?

Callum: I dunno, I guess It's like vertigo, you know when you walk up to a tall building and you look up, and for a split second you feel like the world could turn and you'll hit the floor. Well It feels like that, and likeā€¦like there are marbles in the back of my throat and my heart could break my ribcage.

James: Wait until she's planning out your finances and making you eat healthy because you think it's okay to be comfortable, you'll need some vertigo just to start that fucking thing.

Callum: Get out of here.

James: I'm serious. You let that heart escape and then you're done. You gotta heavy that mindset of yours. It's the only thing that will keep your feet on the ground."

Callum: Maybe I feel like floating today.

- The Real Veal



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