Scripture From The Drinking Man

Thu 3rd January, 2013 @ 12:56am by beardvisonmedia

There comes a time in a Man’s life where they have to follow a strict code of conduct out in the world of drinking, girls and clubs. Some have followed and inscribed their story onto sheets of loo roll, toilet doors and spliff papers. This is their bible.

Brewskisis: Chapter 1 - Barry 2:45:3

Through beating hearts and gallons of alcoholic liquid, though a man may succumb already to a woman’s touch within their heart, it is not frivolous nor is it wrong to chase the dragons tale. For man needs to know in their heart that they still control the game, it is not greed but it is a Man’s must. To seek what they may not fully have.

Alcohmohlol: Chapter 8 - Todd 12:21:13

When approaching a fair lady of the night who appears to be with friend, make sure you have a man who will guide you by the one we call “Wing”. Checkmate both girls with laughter and confidence. Make sure to have “Wing” guard women from intruders when you go to buy them sweet nectar. If you were to return with drink for the lady and she has been turned by the devil and goes to a stranger, drink whore’s drink and move on.

Tyranny of Men: Chapter 3 - Gregg 9:2:1


There will be a time in one’s life where the sea of beautiful creatures roam the dance floor and you may sadly be accompanied by a secret sworn enemy. This haunted soul will try and evade any chance you may have with sealing the deal and any glimmer of hope may be futile. The best way to lose this cancerous worm is to either take flight for a tinkle or escape outside for a wisdom stick. If non of these work do no approach directly because sensitivities under fine nectar can be hazardous, just gently hint at the main rule of all…THE BRO CODE.

- The Real Veal



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