When Jane Met Archanium.

Mon 21st January, 2013 @ 1:04am by beardvisonmedia

Jane was once a young, intelligent, but most important of all sane individual. She loved the sun against her beating brow, the cool air amongst the trees of a forest she often explored. There was nothing strange about her being attracted to the local boy who worked at the movie theatre. He was a catch, most girls enjoyed his company and in the 60’s there was not better time to take a little Acid, treat a girl to a free movie, sink into the seats like it was a never ending tunnel of fur and popped corn. If the girl was easy enough she would grab her hand right in there and pull him out. So why couldn’t she shake the creeping fear that tried to poison her casual perspective? It introduced its self one night, one night when she sat on a rock looking at a local valley. The same night she heard a beast with wings that carried the local talent and a slob. The beast had massive beams for eyes and music thickened the morning air. The boy from the cinema made her blush. The Archanium whispered in Jane’s ears. It carried a tale left from the times of stone and iron. It was a local infamous legend that was starting to fade like an old receipt. It came from the tall pines, it came from the death of the others. It came for Jane. This is her story.

Archanium was the deep betrayal in her withered lungs,
chained to blood vessels, speaking cruelly in tongues.
Archanium was the brown tobacco stained fingertips,
From hands getting wet after blackened scopolamine trips.
Archanium was the curse that made her give her life,
dipped herself within a sea of rape, guilt and strife.
Archanium was what should have killed her son and her lover,
It found forgiveness at a time when they all needed each other,
Archanium will never forget, always challenge what is real,
one of these days it will come and cut her achilles heel.
Make her bound to the floor like dust on the core,

of a ruined land, a shaded sculpture, a bloody moor.

- The Real Veal


Jane is a character from a novel I am currently writing. The Archanium wasn’t originally going to appear, but it has a mind of its own.



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