38 Degrees Save Our Forests campaign infographic

Fri 1st February, 2013 @ 10:20am by studiorokit

It was 38 Degrees most successful campaign, it got over 500,000 normal british people to stand up and sign a petition that not only challenged but stopped government policy wanting to sell of the country’s public forests to private contractors looking to make a big mess and a big profit at the public’s expense. Very impressive, in fact so impressive, it was in the news for much longer than anyone in government wanted it to be.

To help get the message out that working together works and 38 Degrees is the best at what it does in the UK, we were asked to create a SOF ‘how we won’ info-graphic at very short notice. As always, we love a challenge and this was definitely a tricky job. Everything was quite simple but time was not on our side, in a BIG way. A same day requirement on a brief received at 1.30 in the afternoon – is that even possible? Just.

The final piece looked great and most importantly, it got done within the very, very narrow timeframe available. No mean feat. We were pleased with what we had managed to achieve and the client over the moon. It’s nice when what looks impossible is just possible. Phew! Need some infographics creating – we’re all ears.

For our tiny part in the original campaign, we helped create all sorts of materials for the member’s to download and use to raise awareness of the government plans and highlight forests under threat. You can see what sort of stuff we did here.

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