Imagine… 55 years of the best children’s toy, ever.

Fri 22nd February, 2013 @ 2:38pm by studiorokit

Imagination. It’s the crazy, immeasurable, nebulous spark that can make any kid see a castle in a cardboard box, a racing car in an old skateboard and some pram wheels and a repository for monsters in any dark corner or slightly open door in a dark bedroom. Imagination, if we keep exercising it is the gift that keeps on giving in so many ways it’s hard to fathom and it can be your best friend from early childhood till the sun sets on your life. From fun stuff as a kids to serious stuff as an adult – imagination isn’t just fanciful thinking and daydreaming, it’s a tool for conceptual though, a muscle for helping people think out the box and the fuel for helping anyone answer the question “…what if?”

When it comes to imagination there’s always been one brand out there that has understood this. That to give people something cool is ok but to give them the potential for anything they put their mint to is much better. That company is Lego® and for as long as I can remember, it’s been on of the bedrock tools for kids to find and exercise their imagination, creativity and problem solving muscles. Speaking from personal experience (and I assume it’s the same for everyone) it was one thing to make what was on the box but the fun really began when you realised that all those pieces could be so many other things. All I had to do was put my mind to it, just imagine. Amazing. I can still remember my favourite set (a big space one, all blue and white) and I can still remember not ever getting the bigger one with the monorail and being gutted!

To celebrate their 55th Anniversary they have contracted the talents of a canadian agency called Brad to do some ads which really get into the spirit of imagination, that get the idea that those little bricks are more than just bits of plastic, they can be anything you put your mind to. Ok, so they’re a bit ‘cool’ and ‘adulty’ and ‘designy’ but it doesn’t matter because the message is right, the sentiment is spot on and I’m just a sucker for the best kids toy ever. Happy 55th Lego®!

Here’s some of the ads – enjoy. Click them for bigger images.

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