Mmmmmmm A really meaty project!

Thu 21st February, 2013 @ 4:11pm by studiorokit

At StudioROKIT we love working on branding. For most designers, creating new brands from the ground up, breathing life into a dry business plan and essentially putting meat onto the bones of a good business idea is something that gets our juices flowing.

Recently we began working with a close friend of the company, helping them create something special for their family’s farm. They had an idea, a good plan of how the business would work, the right product, the right prices… in fact that had it all planned out except the name and what they should look like. That’s where we came in.

Their initial plan was to simply name the product after the farm. A fair and sensible idea but, the farm name wasn’t particularly memorable. So, we set about looking into names, getting a feel for the product and trying to figure out what it would be now but importantly where it could go in the near future. This is an important part of the process, there’s no point in nailing something down so hard with an inflexible identity for a business that is likely to change and develop year by year. You have to have one eye on where you are and one on where you want to be.

This “where you want to be” aspect was pivotal in arriving at the right name for the company. From a rather interesting shortlist we whittled is down to a few names which were both interesting without being wacky for the hell of it and at the same time felt like they could have been part around for quite some time. A nice balance that gave the new brand the right character.

Since the name was chosen we have been working closely with the family to make the new logo. It’s taking a little longer that we expected (there’s a lot of very good ideas on the drawing board) but we’re pretty sure it’ll be worth it. As soon as it’s all done and dusted we’ll post our tastiest new bit of branding here for you to chew over.

Till then have a look at this great blog we stumbled over today – all sorts of brilliant posts on all sorts of retail based products by some of the best names in the business. Enjoy.

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