A Cut Above Meat Co. – quality branding, amazing meat.

Mon 11th March, 2013 @ 12:08pm by studiorokit

As we mentioned in an earlier post, we love branding and when we were approached by a friend of the company to help their family farm out with a new brand for their posh meat, we jumped at the chance.

Since then wheels were set in motion, lots of designs have come and gone, revisions and amends have been made and made again but we have finally nailed down the new logo for an amazing range of meat from South Farm in Durham.

Say hello to ‘A Cut Above Meat Co.’, a small British company selling super tasty, carefully raised and expertly butchered Limousin beef direct to the public; the epitome of a small company, focused on a real quality product. And Limousin Beef is a quality product that deserves to be promoted.

Never heard of Limousin breed cattle – neither had we until we began this project and now we’re BIG fans! A fuller flavour than most beef, a lover cholesterol level than that of typical beef and at levels you’d normally find in roast chicken, and on average only 5% fat by content when compared with the average of 9.5% in most cattle – it’s a super beef cow by any measure.

Now that we have the logo set in stone (and we had great fun coming up with this) there’s still a lot of work to do. There’s obligatory small e-commerce website, a range of t-shirts and aprons to produce and all sorts of other little things to get in place to help them build an amazing brand. Could they be the next Debbie & Andrew’s? Who knows, this is just the beginning of a journey for a company that wants to prove that small is best, local really matters and that quality, above all, is the most important ingredient.

So, if you’re up in the North East and have a hankering for some really tasty beef that’s been raised right, give ‘A Cut Above Meat Co.’ a go – we’re sure you’ll be asking for seconds. And don’t forget spread the word, too.

Need a few recipe ideas to get the best out of Limousine beef (or any other beef) check out this link. Bon appétit!

For more information about A Cut Above Meat Co. – we’ll post details once they launch or you can contact South Farm in Durham direct, just google them.

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