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Mon 1st April, 2013 @ 1:16am by danpickering

Initial Concept For Fencing

After exploring using commercial imagery within stained glass and tiles, I decided to expand into minor aspects of churches, here I have decided to explore fencing and gate designs. The reason for this is to investigate my theory that objects protected by screens or barriers become more significant. This concept was contrived from visiting various museums and gallery's and contemplating the use of barriers to make work seem more superior, I also found this technique is used in churches, to protect the more religious places from the public. Whilst in Paris I also noticed the use of barriers in The Notre Dame and the Sacre Coeur, and this personally made me feel nervous as I felt like everything around me was regal and I wasn't worthy of being in there. This was unmistakably down to the use of signs that told you how to behave, barriers that told you where to go, and security surveying you. This irritated me as I expected the 'House of God' to be complacent and relaxing, not a place where security will throw you out for talking to loud, or taking a picture. This made me question whether the place i was in was religous, or just a tourist attraction.

This use of signs and barriers interests me as I would like to explore trying to recreate the feeling I had whilst in these religious 'attractions' for other people to experience; apprehension.


  • I love the use of mickey mouse and think you should definitely look at using Disney more within the work, as I have done research on them and have found they are actually quite a corrupt company They get you as consumers whilst you are young just like religion does which makes them a very relevant company within this project.

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