Jesus Paper-cut

Tue 2nd April, 2013 @ 10:31pm by danpickering

The street artist Miso creates paper cut art and wheat pastes them onto brickwork,the use of creating the clothing of her characters from paper cut patterns inspired me and triggered an idea to use similar techniques within the robes of a religious icon such as Jesus Christ, and to use the patterns I have created which involve brands.






  • I like the fact that the graffiti style Jesus is like an optical illusion, as there is more to see than you think at first glance, and you keep identifying new things within the image, and due to its graffiti style when you begin to notice the religious imagery ifs not what you would of expected at first glance.
  • Interesting clashes between imagery and colors create a really interesting image, and the use of garish colors add to the idea of both religion and commercialism being in your face.
  • Love the use of colors in this they create different tones and makes the image blend with the background even though the colors are bold



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