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Wed 17th April, 2013 @ 1:37pm by danpickering

Whilst looking through images on Google of stained glass windows i came across a design which really inspired me, upon further investigation of the image i found that it had come from an rising Russian artist on deviant art who calls himself Mashmuh. Taking his inspiration from stained glass windows and architecture he creates mostly watercolor and pen drawings of elaborate patterns in his own distinctive style. I would love to experiment working in his style supplementing my relative imagery within it, as even though the work can potentially be regarded as religious due to its stained glass window origins, it also reminds me of other religious art work such as the Islamic patterns found within the temples yet also has the essence of graffiti art, making this unique artwork a perfect platform to draw inspiration and techniques from to aid the designs of my final stained glass windows.

Potential and Initial Ideas

Similar to Mashmuh begin small compositions and sketches of geometric patterns within my sketchbook to create a body of potential designs that could be evolved and refined later. To create this possibly collect various sizes of circles to draw around such as coins, cups, and glue sticks and just begin messing around assembling patterns then refining them until you have created a strong design. Once you have developed a method for constructing the designs begin including commercial imagery within it, possibly constructing this style of patterns with logos.

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