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Aswell as creating art, I also perform in my spare time, mostly as part of a morris dance group called Black Pig Border Morris which I have been a part of for 4 years now. We've performed at various events including Rochester Sweeps, Rock and Bike festival, and Acoustic Festival Of Britain. I have also stilt walked as part of this side, and been on stage with bands such as BB Blackdog, Rammlied, and Pendulum DJ set.

Black Pig Border Morris At Rochester Sweeps
Named after the ship of the infamous Captain Pugwash, Black Pig Border was formed in 1986 in Eastwood on the Nottingham and Derby border. Over the years we have developed our own style of Border Morris performing both traditional dances and some of our own invention. We are a mixed group of both female and male dancers and musicians. We wear brightly coloured tailcoats and top hats festooned with feathers, flowers, ribbons and bells. We uphold the Border Morris tradition by blacking our faces. For more information on Black Pig Border Click Here
For a.s

Fire Poi

Stilt Walking



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