It’s time for a new NRA logo – run the StudioROKIT redesign…

Thu 9th May, 2013 @ 10:38am by studiorokit

It seems like there’s never a week that passes that some terrible gun related tragedy isn’t propelled into the global news streams. As of writing this post, the US has already endured 1,280 gun related deaths since the Sandy Hook Elementary shootings on December 14, 2012. That’s only 5 months ago with a daily casualty toll of over 8 people per day. Quite a sobering fact.

And this got us thinking, perhaps it’s time for a new National Rifle Association (NRA) logo, one that more accurately describes the role of the NRA in ensuring that US citizens have free, unfetters access to firearms or all shapes, sizes and capabilities, all the bullets you could ever want and all in an environment where the right to live in a safe community comes a poor second to ‘free market economics’, profit and business interests.

The current logo just isn’t cutting it…

This may sound amazing but, there’s currently more gun shops in America than grocery stores.

So, here we have it. The new NRA logo.

We’ve been very careful to ensure we kept all the NRA heritage elements of this beloved American gun manufacturers and special interests lobby group institution’s current logo and just brought it up to date.

We think our redesign of the new NRA logo is bang on the money. We’re not too sure it will be a sure fire hit with the NRA but, it might go down well with some of their opponents.

Want to know a little more about gun crime? Trust us, it is interesting…

Here’s a really nicely designed info-graphic site with some amazing figures and facts. Enjoy.

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