Sam’s Beer Festival Leicester – Studio ROKIT sponsored a winner

Mon 20th May, 2013 @ 4:52pm by studiorokit

Sam’s Beer Festival Leicester 2013, in aid of the Leicester Samaritans was a roaring success and Studio ROKIT sponsored a winner with our sponsorship keg being the new beer from Scarborough Brewery ‘Phrenology’ and at 6.2% abv it definitely had you holding on to your head, right up until the point where it worked it charms so successfully that either your fingers or your head end up numb (in a truly nice way).

Studio ROKIT gets its name on the best beer at the festival.

As if to further prove the credentials of this rather wonderful new beer (and now a very firm favourite) it was the first keg to run dry on the opening night of the festival – and there’s no greater praise for the relative merits of any beer than there not being any left to drink. So impressed were we with our first pint of the stuff that we tipped it to run out first just based on taste alone.

Phrenology from Scarborough Brewery – Pump badge off! We managed to have the last 2/3rds of a pint from a hugely popular keg.

For our part, Studio ROKIT made a few pints of the truly delicious Phrenology disappear (helped greatly by Matt Glover Photography who managed to stage their entire evening on the stuff) in between sampling some brilliant beers, ciders and perry from breweries up and down the land.

Sam’s Beer Festival Leicester 2013 also meant that all of the visitors were spoilt for choice when it came to high quality snacks too. If there’s one thing Leicestershire as a regions can be proud of and do well, it’s making the kind of food that makes drinking really high quality craft beer like Scarborough Brewery’s Phrenology beer even more enjoyable. On offer was the holy trinity of standup beer festival food, the humble sausage roll (in this case jumb ones that were are wide as they were long, wrapped in the lightest golden pastry), meat and vegetable samosas for these wanting something with a bit of a kick (these were exceptionally good. Fresh, aromatic and spicy) and of course our home town hero, the Pork Pie. The pies at Sam’s Beer Festival Leicester were some of the best we have ever tried, and coming from a Leicester local this is indeed very high praise.

Sampling the delights – the best beer deserves on the finest bar snacks.

So, was it any good? Absolutely. Truly spectacular beers, ciders and perrys from some of the UKs best producers, the kind of bar snacks people dream of and all in the name of charity for an amazing cause supporting people who are there when any of us might need them. The best £100 Studio ROKIT has ever spend and we can recommend any business doing the same at next years festival and anyone looking for some great beer to pop down. You never know, you might be lucky like us and find your new favourite beer, we’ll have another keg of Phrenology please! Cheers.

Our new favourite beer – the spectacular ‘Phrenology’ from the clever beer brewing geniuses at Scarborough Brewery.

Want to know what was on tap? HEre’s the full list…

Tiger 4.2%

Majic Mild 3.2%
Chinook IPA 6.2%

Bitter 4.0%

Herald 3.7abv

Great Heck
Navigator 3.9%

8 4.5% (Roast)
4 3.8% (Amber)
Mild 3.141%

Liverpool Organic
Jade 4.4%

Naked Brewer
Revenge 4.5%
Chesterfield Best Bitter 4.5%
Red Diesel 4.2%

Scarborough Brewery
Cascades 4.1%
Phrenology 6.2%

Cheshire Brewhouse
Engine Vein 4.2%
Cheshire Gap 3.7%

Drovers 80/- 4%

Cockleroy Black IPA 4.8%

Blackhouse Smoked Porter 5.0%
Odyssey 4.1%

Kinneil Brew Hoose
Kincardine Sunset 4.1%

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