Shire Hall Gallery

Fri 28th June, 2013 @ 11:58am by danpickering

Shire Hall Gallery

The shire hall gallery is currently displaying a gallery with various types of work, which is interesting as it allowed me to view many ways work can be presented. As you moved through the gallery, themes would become apparant, for example all life drawing and sculpture were displayed together, with larger work central on the gallery wall, and smaller work complimenting it at the side. The use of this technique drew the viewer to each wall but also balanced out the overall gallery space. Most of the work was also in sets of three, or odd numbers where available as it was more aestechitcally pleasing and made the work an overall group.

Work by the same artist was displayed together as it allowed the audience to view the artists work as an group, which allows the viewer to see thier style, but also tells the viewer alot more about the artist. and their work.

The shire hall gallery's audience are the general public there for the work is more aestically pleasing rather than conceptual. most of the work was also for sale, which mean't most of the work would look good in any location as it artist wanted to appeal to a wide range of customers.



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