Friend 1 - Hi.

Tue 30th July, 2013 @ 1:12am by beardvisonmedia

Friend 1 - Hi.
Friend 2 - Hey.
Friend 1 - It's been time.
Friend 2 - Yeah, probs about 2 years if that.
Friend 1 - Last time doesn't really count. You were on something,
Friend 2 - haha, oh yeah. Well you only live once I suppose.
Friend 1 - True man, what's it like where you are anyways?
Friend 2 - Pretty chilled to be fair. You're Gran was asking for you.
Friend 1 - Oh yeah? What she say?
Friend 2 - Stop going on wants to remember the
best of you.
Friend 1 - hahahaha. She has my word, Cameron is on her side. So don't
you age then?
Friend 2 - Nah this is it. Forever.
Friend 1 - Cool. Well we'll catch up soon mate. Real Soon.
Friend 2 - I'll be waiting.



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