Tor Simen Ulstein – Featured Artist August 2014

Tue 29th July, 2014 @ 4:27pm by thefreshmeatgallery

Huw Noble Art

Artist Statement

Process and the relationship between the maker and the materials used is something that I find intriguing. Through the juxtaposition and joining of contrasting materials I am granted an insight into their properties. My fascination lies within the reaction that the materials have to this joining. The usual focus of my practice lies within the realms of moving image, sound and the three-dimensional form. Much of my influence is drawn from nature and its ability to adapt to change.

‘Material Dichotomies’ is an ongoing series which explores the energy that forms on the assembly of contrasting materials. The work considers points of tension that form from an amalgamation of angles, weight and balancing points. These points allude to the properties of the materials but also open up a dialogue between the forms and the space. The addition of sound allows for a deeper insight into the core reaction of the raw material



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