Celebrating Art From Around The World – Ewa Goral

Sun 28th September, 2014 @ 6:52pm by thefreshmeatgallery

Ewa Goral

O R G A N I C: I am trying to go deeper into the amazing floral world of nature. I draw many fantastic inspirations from past, amongst which one can find classic works of philosopher, biologist and traveller Ernst Haeckel as well as more contemporary, psychedelic representations of wildlife (for example music video At Delphi of Californian group Sun Araw, directed by Cameron Stallone and Daniel Brantley). Floral series has been painted on the round canvas to underline periodicity typical for vegetation?s processes. I transform most of the painting objects; definitely you will not see amongst my pieces a classic still life with flowers in a vase. I am more fascinated by the secret, ?human? life of flora, which is why some of the elements have ears, eyes or teethes. I tend to create my own botanical world which comes out of my imagination and on canvas join with reality.

ewa goral

ewa goral



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