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Sun 28th September, 2014 @ 6:44pm by thefreshmeatgallery

Lucie Libotte

House dust is commonly perceived as dirty, intrusive and repulsive. We know it as fine grey dry powder consisting of tiny particles and waste matter collecting on surfaces or carried in the air. It is often associated with unkempt and neglected environments, where as a clean environment is considered as civilized and proper.

‘Dust matters’ aims is to re-evaluate this ‘dirt’, and convey the value of dust as an indicator of our environment, showing how it reflects our daily life and traces our journey through the world.

Focusing on an individual’s private sphere, I have collected samples of dust from the domestic home. Observing the different inherent components inside the dust, I conclude that the dust is different depending of the house and its locations.

By locking inside a ceramic container, the dust starts to react and get transformed as a glaze. The colors change the glaze and start to behave differently depending on the component : the particles of metal, organic and synthetic matter that make up the dust samples.

The resulting bespoke vessels display unique beauty that tells a different story from each location where the dust was collected.

Lucie Libotte

Lucie Libotte Dust Matters process 2Lucie Libotte Dust Matters process 3



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