Celebrating Art From Around The World – Sam Houston

Sun 28th September, 2014 @ 6:35pm by thefreshmeatgallery

Sam Houston

I experiment with the idea of ‘desire’ by using familiar imagery to investigate its importance.

I aim to create a portal for the viewer to escape and admire the subjects, encouraging a changeable emotional state. I use eclectic imagery of figures and the landscape to create a new space that explores our thoughts and desires.

I achieve this by layering subjects that merge together, allowing a translucent depth to delve into. I use instinct to piece together the images, withholding information to encourage obscurity.

I allow the freedom of colour, reflecting our sudden excitement of desire, yet control it to an acceptance, mirroring reality. Whilst exploring this theme, I test our understanding of space and structure, destabilising our safety, leading to alternative interpretation. I strive to entertain the eye and spark intrigue, stirring understanding of scale, subject and form.

Sam Houston

SAm Houston



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