Joe Mckenna – Featured Artist October 2014

Tue 30th September, 2014 @ 9:20pm by thefreshmeatgallery

Artist Statement

My work is loosely based on the industrial aesthetic in contrast with its natural surroundings, reflecting on the concern of early romantic era painters as well as the coincidental beauty of the modern and the man made in its invasive and alien presence. The images in this series are an investigation of not only two types of aesthetic but two types of mark making, ranging from erratic splatters to detailed technical style drawing, which gives room to a selection of organic ‘happy accidents’ on which to bring out and add detail. This contrast in texture and pattern produces a vivid and exciting set of abstract landscapes based on the idea of taking the more interesting extremes of these two visual elements. Based on the notion of opposites, I attempt to connote the equal harshness of both nature and man made structures by placing them side by side below a shroud of beautiful and foreboding cloudscapes. My fascination with this theme comes from my love of expressive landscape painting, such as the work of Turner and John Martin. This fascination of natural phenomena and often aggressive seeming architecture highlights my interest in buildings and machinery and its strangeness amongst the vast emptiness and mess of the universe. Rather than a glorification of might and supremacy of human progress I find it more fitting to highlight and contemplate our own fragility amongst our surroundings.

Joe Mckenna

Joe Mckenna



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