Victoria Lucas – Featured Artist September 2014

Sun 14th September, 2014 @ 8:00pm by thefreshmeatgallery

Victoria Lucas Art

‘After’ 2013, Victoria Lucas

Artist Statement

Victoria Lucas (b.1982) is an interdisciplinary artist based in the North of England. Working predominantly with photography, video and installation, she creates markers of time through the moments and objects that are captured. The work is concerned with flux, as she searches for evidence of the futile struggle against the effects of entropy. Buildings, living organisms, moments and the medium of video and sound are explored in conjunction with one another to create works that archive this constant shift from order to chaos and existence to extinction. These elements form an investigation into the everyday, capturing and bringing to light minutiae as a means to address underlying existential concerns.

Recent works include Untitled (Cranes) (2013), a four screen installation that sits somewhere between photography and video. Stationary landscapes are punctuated with a series of elegant movements, as the cranes pivot and hoist materials across various construction sites situated in Berlin. Caught in a state of transition, this video installation emphasizes a constantly shifting landscape as motion is captured and repeatedly looped. Similarly, the photographic series Remedy (2012) captures a number of empty billboards situated on either side of the European Route E94, as one travels between Athens International Airport and the capital city of Greece. Once clad in brash advertisements, these large sculptural objects denote economic austerity in Greece, whilst offering a solution in the face of late capitalism.

Victoria Lucas art 1

‘After’ 2013, Victoria Lucas



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