Woven Experiment No.70 - Wax corn dollieI recently received a...

Fri 10th July, 2015 @ 10:00am by rachelcartersculpture

Woven Experiment No.70 - Wax corn dollie

I recently received a lovely gift from the UK Straw Weavers Organisation of a sheaf of wheat, this prompted me to create a corn dollie with a difference, a 40cm long wax corn dollie.

To create the 40cm length took 5 lengths of 3mm wax around 300cm per length, I began with a small neck and began to weave. The lengths I was working was so long I needed to stand upon a chair to allow them to move freely and not become tangled. As I got to the half way mark it dawned on me that if any of the strands snapped it would be very difficult to splice in a new piece of wax, so I continued more slowly and took more care.

The result is a corn dollie that does have a slight taper along its length but is not too noticable, I was disappointed that over 300 cm only creates such a small length of corn dollie.

Maybe this could be wrapped around a plaster core for casting, maybe a shape like Plaster Carving Experiment No.8 ?



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