We could easily be accused of stating the obvious but sometimes what is obvious to one person is not...

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We could easily be accused of stating the obvious but sometimes what is obvious to one person is not obvious to another.

Remember that when you attend a business networking event you are representing your company, and that your appearance and behaviour represent your company’s image.

To make the best impression at a business networking event, ensure that you DO NOT:

1) Smell bad

If you smell bad, people will back off. To effectively network, you need to interact with as many other people as possible.


Bath time!

You do not have to look dirty to smell. You may look wonderful but your personal hygiene may let you down.

It is no use putting on a clean, beautifully ironed shirt if you have not showered, put on clean underwear or used an antiperspirant properly.

(No…turning them inside out is not good enough…)

Note the word ‘properly’. When did you last read the instructions your everyday products?

A common error is to forget to dry-clean, suits, jackets and coats regularly.


Perfumes may be wonderful, but they do not work miracles.

Oh, and forget covering stale smells with perfumes – it does not work.

(Trust me, it does not work for you…)

There is some excellent advice on managing body odour on the NHS Choices site.

Do not forget to keep your breath smelling sweet.

Clean your teeth properly in the morning, at night and immediately before any social event such as a business networking event. Also, have regular dental checkups.

Again, advice on treating and preventing bad breath can be found on NHS choices.

2) Dominate conversations

You will lose people’s attention if you dominate the conversation. Unless you are one of those exceptionally entertaining individuals, they will be looking all over the place and dreaming of…who knows?

(Well, you would know…wouldn’t you?)


These little poppets appear to have lost interest in the speaker…

When you do speak, stay relevant and communicate succinctly.

Remember to ask questions. You learn more by listening than talking.

3) Be unfriendly

The point of networking is to build business relationships.


Mr Disagreeable here is unlikely to be a networking success.

You need to be approachable and to be willing to make an effort to introduce yourself to the other members of the group.

4) Fiddle with your mobile

If your mind is on your mobile, you are not interacting effectively with the other attendees.

In any event, to fiddle with your mobile in company is RUDE.


Fine when you are alone. Not fine during a business networking event.

Switch it off. Put it away. Concentrate on the people you are with.

With very few exceptions, the mobile communication can wait until the networking event is over. That includes reading this blo… ok, bye then…

5) Dress inappropriately

What is appropriate is difficult to specify, it is easier to point out what is not appropriate.

You would be well advised not to turn up to a business networking event dressed as the people here.

(Well, yes, the dress would draw attention to a business and , yes, we do want our businesses to be noticed; but the black dress is only suitable for publicising one kind of business and that is rarely represented at a business networking event…)

10) Put down other people, even in jest

This includes others within the group or your competitors.

By all means mention your unique selling point such as that your vegan knitting yarn is perfumed with lavender.

However, avoid anything nasty such as saying that your main competitor, the Pickled Herring Knitting Yarn Company, are rubbish because they perfume their yarns with fish.

(No, I cannot knit a you a jumper that smells of fish!)

Again, remember what Mummy and Daddy (or Nanny) taught you, ‘if you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all’.


The bee is not relative to this article. It is just fun to include an uplifting image. Morgan Gleave Art & Design is a creative company so we can be forgiven for enjoying adding random images.


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10 Things Not to do at a Business Networking Event We could easily be accused of stating the obvious but sometimes what is obvious to one person is not obvious to another.



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