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Two Headed Snake Productions (twoheadedsnakeproductions)

Two Headed Snake Productions twoheadedsnakeproductions

Video production

  • Fri 19th June, 2015
onefiftyone films (onefiftyonefilms)

onefiftyone films onefiftyonefilms

Video Production and Editing.

  • Fri 19th June, 2015
Leicester Fringe Festival (leicesterfringefestival)

Leicester Fringe Festival leicesterfringefestival

A city based arts and music festival.

  • Fri 19th June, 2015
Echolocation (echolocation)

Echolocation echolocation

Seven piece alternative rock band

  • Fri 19th June, 2015
FD2D (fd2d)

FD2D fd2d

Creative Platform for the Arts

  • Fri 19th June, 2015
Attenborough Arts Centre (attenborougharts)

Attenborough Arts Centre attenborougharts

UOL arts centre

  • Fri 19th June, 2015
Creative Coffee Leicester (creativecoffee)

Creative Coffee Leicester creativecoffee

Creativity, Coffee and Conversation. We're a free fortnightly networking meet-up for Creative People and those looking to meet Creatives.

  • Fri 19th June, 2015
Creative Leicestershire (creativeleicestershire)

Creative Leicestershire creativeleicestershire

  • Fri 19th June, 2015