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Seed Creative Network (seedcreativenetwork)

Seed Creative Network seedcreativenetwork

Connecting Media, Design & The Arts

  • Tue 26th September, 2017
Seed Creative Academy (seedcreativehub)

Seed Creative Academy seedcreativehub

Creative Training

  • Sat 25th February, 2017
QuimbyCo (quimbyco)

QuimbyCo quimbyco

Motion Graphics and Animation

  • Mon 22nd September, 2014
Bad Jane (maliniejanebutler)

Bad Jane maliniejanebutler

Artist, Designer and Illustrator

  • Wed 9th October, 2013
Skyro (kyomurtagh)

Skyro kyomurtagh

Illustrator / Graphic Designer / Photographer

  • Mon 8th July, 2013
Jonny P (jonnyp)

Jonny P jonnyp

Seed Creativity Director

  • Mon 29th April, 2013
Matt Morley (mattkpmorley)

Matt Morley mattkpmorley


  • Mon 29th October, 2012
Creative Cat FX (creativecatfx)

Creative Cat FX creativecatfx

animation/story artist

  • Mon 29th October, 2012
Stephanie Roberts-Bolton (stephanierobertsbolton)

Stephanie Roberts-Bolton stephanierobertsbolton

Freelance journalist/PressAssistant

  • Wed 24th October, 2012
FD2D (fd2d)

FD2D fd2d

Creative Platform for the Arts

  • Wed 24th October, 2012