@hyperhyperphoto here on an #OEGtakeover for the week, taking you through some of the photos being exhibited as part of Open 3: Affecting Change. All images have been produced in collaboration with community group Between The Borders. Direct Action at Yarl’s Wood Immigration Removal Centre. Most of the women detained in Yarl’s Wood will have come from dire and life threatening situations; forced to leave their homes and torn from families to seek safety in the UK, they end up in what is essentially a prison. Imprisoned and subjected to dehumanising conditions where outbreaks of disease and [TW] reports of sexual assault are not uncommon. Isolated from the outside world and with little access to mental health support, the consistent trauma they face means it is sadly not unheard of for detainees to self harm or take their own lives. [TW] Through a small crack in the window which is barred from opening further, the women inside hold up signs with barely visible writing and makeshift ‘bra-flags’. Provided with a number to call, some of the women are able to address the large crowd of supporters. Upon being asked what it is that they want, what it is they need, what we can help with, a single voice rings through to let us know. “Freedom”. With no knowledge of when they may be released - thanks to UK laws allowing for indefinite detention - freedom must seem like a lifetime away. *Though predominantly women, there are a some men detained at Yarl’s Wood and until 2011, children as young as 8 months. #setherfree #affectingchange #openeyegallery #nononeisillegal #35mmphotography #filmphotography


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