@HyperHyperPhoto here on an #OEGtakeover for the week, taking you through some of the photos in my current exhibition. It's part of Open 3: Affecting Change, and all images have been produced in collaboration with community group Between The Borders. 1/3 Between the Borders as a zine provides an independent platform for inhabitants of the UK irrespective of citizenship status to creatively represent, freely document and discuss their current lives as often shaped by their status to directly affect and improve understanding of asylum seeker and migrant experiences. The zine has presented these experiences in many different ways including essays, poetry, visual art, mix tapes and infographics. Submissions are encouraged and assembly is evenly shared. These images show a folded zine being printed using a risograph printer. Similar to screen printing, in a single drum risograph each layer of colour needed is applied separately. Blue, green and black were used for this zine. Between the Borders Issue 4 is available for purchase at Open Eye Gallery with the additional mini folded zine for a donation. #afectingchange #openeyegallery #BetweentheBorders #zine #risograph #35mm #filmphotography


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